Hand Raising Orphan Kittens

Hand raising orphan kittens can be challenging and takes dedication. However, the reward you gain from watching these little babies grow up and blossom into their individual personalities is absolutely incredible.

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What is a Geriatric Panel?

What is a Geriatric Panel? And why should I have my pet’s blood & urine screened?

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Raw Food Diets

Deciding what to feed your beloved pet can be a confusing decision. In this age of internet, there is so much information from so many different “expert” sources to filter through. Discussions can be found about this diet, that diet, allergies, homemade, gluten free, corn free, and yes, even the RAW diet.

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Ear Mites – FAQ

Most pet owners have heard of ear mites and are aware that they are a fairly common parasite among cats and dogs. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions among pet owners regarding ear mites. Below is a series of commonly asked questions written to hopefully correct some of those misconceptions.

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Client Education Evening: Dental Health

Event name: Client Education Evening: Dental Health with Dr. McDonald Date: January 28th, 2016  Time: 6:30 pm Presentation Followed by Clinic Tour Location: Morinville Veterinary Clinic

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