Help! I’ve Found a Stray Pet!

We have some tips on what to do if you’ve encountered a stray animal.

1. Be cautious, the unfamiliar animal may be scared or confused. If you choose to approach the stray animal, move slowly and watch for signs of fear or aggression. Do not approach an animal that is displaying signs of aggression. If you’ve encountered an aggressive pet,
contact bylaw right away.

2. If the pet is friendly, approach the pet and check for a tattoo in the ears or on the flank, and if the pet is wearing a collar check the tags for phone numbers.

3. Contact local bylaw, see the directory below and contact the correct enforcement agency. They will often arrange to come and pick up the animal and take it to the appropriate pound.

4. Contact us! 780-939-3133, we have a database of lost pets, we may have contact information for the pet owner.

5. Don’t fear the pound. We take excellent care of impounded animals; they’re treated like family. We and most other animal control facilities in Alberta will not euthanize a pet who is happy and healthy with a long life ahead of them. Even those pets with serious injuries or illness are given a fighting chance. We’re here to help animals not hurt them.

Remember, once you’ve decided to approach a stray and attempt to reunite it with its owner you are now responsible for that pet. It is your responsibility to contact appropriate bylaw and arrange for the transport of that pet to the correct impound facility. If you fail to contact the appropriate parties, you may end up being turned away by the impound facility staff. If you’re not prepared to handle a stray animal, phone local bylaw they can help you.

If you decide to house the animal with you, you assume the risks of dealing with a pet with no knowledge of their medical history or temperament. If you decide to contact the pet’s owner through means of identification on the pet (tags) you assume the risk of dealing with that pet owner. Normally most people would be happy to hear from a civilian who has found their lost pets, but sometimes this is not the case. It is best to deal directly with your local bylaw or animal control staff who will ensure your information is protected and that the stray animal is given the best chance of being reunited with its family.

Bylaw Directory:

Town of Morinville: 780-939-7831

City of St. Albert: 780-458-7700

Sturgeon County: 780-939-8419

County of Athabasca: 780-675-6611

Edmonton Humane Society:(780) 471-1774

The EHS also post photos of impounded animals every 20 minutes you can see this here:

Animal Care & Control Edmonton: 780-442-5311 or 311

Important things to consider:

Every municipality is different, in the Town of Morinville we’re lucky enough to have a bylaw protecting stray felines. Most other cities and counties in Alberta do not have a feline bylaw. This means enforcement services, bylaw or animal care and control may not accept stray felines to the pound. At the Morinville Veterinary Clinic, we have space to house lost canines and felines. We cannot accept stray felines or canines that do not fall under our legal jurisdictions. We will accept stray canines and felines from the Town of Morinville. We accept stray canines from the City of St. Albert only when presented by a bylaw officer the same rules apply for the County of Athabasca. We are legally bound to follow and enforce these limitations.

Written by Morinville Veterinary Clinic