Exotic Pet Services

We understand that even the smallest furry, feathered, or scaled friends are an important part of many families. Veterinary care is just as important for our exotics as it is for cats and dogs, which is why we are happy to be able to provide a variety of exotic pet and pocket pet medicine and surgery services.

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What services do you offer for exotic pets?

Our team can help you with proper husbandry, diet and nutrition, disease prevention and illness detection in birds, reptiles, small mammals and many more exotic species. Even though they do not need vaccines, yearly health exams are highly recommended.

Do you treat pocket pets?

Yes! We offer routine health examinations, castration and spaying for rabbits, guinea pigs and many other pocket pets. These animals are prey animals, which means they often try to hide illnesses from us. Regular health exams may help catch health concerns before it is too late. If you notice any changes in behaviour or demeanour, we highly suggest giving us a call to book an exam.

Please feel free to call the clinic today to book an appointment with Dr. Moore for your exotic pet.

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