Puppy Vaccinations

Puppy vaccines are extremely important to their overall health. While puppies nurse, they are protected by their mother’s antibodies. Once the puppies have been weaned, they require their initial booster vaccinations. Puppies are extremely susceptible to contracting disease, as their immune systems are undeveloped. It is very important that puppies receive their entire set of boosters on-time to ensure they have adequate immunity against highly contagious illness. We recommend that puppies are vaccinated at 8, 12 and 16 weeks.

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What vaccinations do you offer to new puppies?

During your puppy’s visits, they will receive a full physical exam before the vaccines are administered. The veterinarian will ensure your puppy is healthy and growing properly before administering the vaccine. We want to ensure your puppy is given the best start possible. We offer the core vaccinations (DAPP and rabies) for puppies and will recommend a vaccine schedule that suits their needs.

Why is it important to properly vaccinate your puppy?

We want your puppy to live a long and healthy life, preventative medicine is instrumental in ensuring the best quality of life. Vaccines are proven to be effective in preventing aggressive and deadly illnesses. Puppies, like babies, do not have strong immune systems, leaving them susceptible to aggressive and even deadly diseases. It is important that puppies receive their entire set of booster vaccinations so that they are adequately protected. It is much easier and more cost effective to regularly vaccinate than to treat a preventable disease. If your puppy will frequent places like grooming, boarding, daycare facilities or dog parks, they are at higher risk of contracting an illness. Boarding facilities and groomers often require their patients to be vaccinated.

What is an appropriate schedule for puppy vaccinations?

Ideally, puppies will receive 3 sets of booster vaccinations. The vaccines are given every 4 weeks starting at the age of 8 weeks. The rabies vaccine is given on the 3rd visit at 16 weeks of age. Your veterinarian may recommend additional vaccines, depending on lifestyle.

How should you prepare your puppy for its first vaccination visit?

We want your puppy to be comfortable at the Morinville Veterinary Clinic. These are a few ways to ensure their visit goes smoothly: always bring your puppy in on a leash or in a carrier. Please bring any previous medical history including the type of food you are currently feeding. If your puppy is anxious or doesn’t travel well, withhold feeding right before their visit. Take your puppy to our green space before entering the clinic, let them relieve themselves before entering the building. Positive reinforcement works wonders, give your puppy lots of praise and/or treats while in the clinic, so that they associate the veterinary visit as a positive experience.

How much do puppy vaccinations cost?

The cost of vaccinations can vary, the type and number of vaccines will affect your total bill. In order to give you an accurate estimate, we will need to know some basic information about your puppy. Basic information includes your pet’s age, previous vaccination history, and a bit about your pet’s lifestyle. Activities such as travel, grooming and boarding or visits dog parks will help us determine the type of protection they will need.

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