Every animal requires some grooming! Whether it’s an ear cleaning, nail trim, full bath and haircut or brush out. It’s best to introduce your pet to grooming as early as possible.  Puppies who are groomed young adjust to the environment and see grooming as a routine.  If regular grooming is not maintained, your pets could see grooming as a fearful experience.  We recommend getting your pet groomed every 8-12 weeks.

Every pet is special and different, what kind of coat does your pet have?

Flat Coats Long Haired Rough or Double Coat
Labradors Shih Tzu Border Collies
Pug Havanese Bernese Mountain
Rottweiler Bichon Frise Samoyed
Chihuahua Schnauzer Golden Retriever
Beagles Cocker Spaniels Newfoundland
Dalmatians Poodle Labradoodle


Flat Coats:

Grooming procedures for flat coated pets often involve a bath/blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out to remove excess fur or dead coat.  Flat coated breeds do not require clipping or scissor work.  We recommend regular grooming every 8-12 weeks. Regular grooming will reduce shedding and dander, prevent hot spots from forming and most importantly keep them smelling and feeling great.

Long Haired:

Grooming procedures for the long haired breed involves bathing/blow dry, nail trims, ear cleaning/plucking, and a haircut. If you do not prefer to have your pet’s hair cut short we can perform a bath and tidy; however ,regular daily brushing with the proper tools (comb) in between visits will be required. A bath and tidy involves bathing, and trimming of the face, feet, and sanitary areas. If you’re long haired pet becomes matted (tangles in fur), then the only option is to clip off the mats and the rest of the coat to have a fresh new start.  Matting can be very painful. Leaving mats on your pets can cause irritations and infections; due to the lack of air circulation to the skin.



Double Coat:

Grooming procedures for the double coated pet involve bathing/blow drying, nails, ear cleaning, and a rigorous brush out to remove dead coat and undercoat.  Often times, these pets require tidying around the feet, feathers, sanitary areas.  These pets often spend the most time with the stylist due to the amount of time required to properly wash and rinse.  They also need to be thoroughly blow dried to ensure as much undercoat is removed as possible.  Routine grooming will help control the shedding; although, you may notice more shedding post-grooming as the skin has been stimulated.

Maintenance Grooming Services that we offer are:

Brush Out – Rigorous brushing to help combat shedding/dander/thick coat.  Brush outs are often requested by the owner of a long-haired pet to prevent matting.

Nail Trimming – Nails should be trimmed in between grooming appointments. A split or broken nail can be painful. Left untreated, it could result in infection. Leaving nails long means long quicks; the nail quick is a vein in the nail. If the quick is cut, it will bleed profusely. Regular nail trims will result in the quick receding into the nail bed.  If your pet is not walked regularly nails aren’t naturally worn down by pavement; we recommend nail trims every 2-4 weeks in this case.

Ear Cleaning/Plucking – Should be done on a regular basis (2-4 weeks). Long-coated breeds require an ear pluck, which removes the hair from the ear canal. It is important to remove the hair from inside the ear for proper air flow. Left untreated your pet’s ear becomes a breeding ground for an infection.  The inner ear canal will stay warm and moist if the hair is not properly removed or properly dried.

Sanitary Clips – Includes a clipping of the anus area and vulva/penis area. Another sanitary area is the eyes! The discharge from the eyes stains the fur and creates boogies.  The eye area is clipped from the corners of the eyes to the bridge of the nose.

Tooth Brushing – Self-explanatory, a tooth brush and pet-safe toothpaste are used to clean the teeth.



Feline Grooming:

We do not offer cat bathing, this is too stressful for the feline and owners often have more success bathing their cats in their home. We do, however, offer services such as clipping, nail trims, ear cleaning and brush outs.

Humanity VS Vanity, you may desire a specific look for your pet. However, our primary concern is your pet’s safety and health.  We evaluate every pet before starting their groom and do our best to meet your needs.  We take our time with every pet.  We will not rush a nervous pet or put them in a situation where they would be uncomfortable.  If your desired look is not achievable for any reason, we are happy to explain how to maintain and keep the desired look. With regular grooming and regular maintenance services, your pet will always look fabulous.

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Written by Morinville Veterinary Clinic