DID YOU KNOW… Catnip Fun Facts

Image reference: Love to Know: Cats.

Want to see your couch potato cat play and roll around? Try catnip!

Did you know that catnip is safe for cats?

Most veterinarians consider catnip safe for cats at a low dose. Studies have been done on short-term and long-term effects of catnip on mice, but not on cats.

Did you know that undomesticated cats like tigers, lynxes, and leopards react to catnip too?

Watch how big cats react to it in this YouTube video.

Did you know that not all cats react to it?

Response to catnip is inherited (as an autosomal dominant trait), so it does not occur in all cats. If your cat does not react to catnip, try honeysuckle. Response to catnip also does not occur in kittens less than 6-8 weeks of age.

Did you know that the catnip plant (Nepeta cataria) is a member of the mint family?

The leaves and stems of this perennial plant contain the oil nepetalactone which cats are attracted to. If you are interested in growing this plant for your cat(s), visit: http://www.ourherbgarden.com/catnip.html


Did you know why your cat stops reacting to catnip after 5-15 minutes?

Just like in people, after prolonged exposure to a smell, olfactory fatigue (temporary, normal inability to distinguish the smell) occurs.

Written by Dr Yau