Stray Pets at Morinville Vet Clinic Need to be Adopted

Do you have room in your heart for another pet? Right now, there are dogs and cats at the Morinville Vet Clinic waiting to fill that room with love. Almost every one of these animals used to have a home, and would like to have one again. Some have been abandoned and were found wandering; others just lost their way after getting loose. They were brought to the vet clinic by by-law officers from Morinville or St Albert. Most often, these strays get reunited with their owners (if they can be identified) but some always end up being unclaimed. These are dogs and cats that need to find new homes.

The first step in getting adopted is having a health check. Dr. Michael High and the staff at Morinville Veterinary Clinic give each stray a thourough health exam. Each dog and cat is vaccinated and treated for parasites. Every male is neutered and every female spayed (if they are not already). Any other health concerns are treated.

The second step is making people aware of pets that are available for adoption. Aside from advertisements in the papers of Morinville and St Albert, the pets are listed online on Craig’s List and Facebook. Along with word of mouth, these methods get most of the strays at Morinville Vet Clinic adopted within a few weeks.

Almost all of the pets that take longer to adopt are larger dogs. Just like the dogs in the Edmonton Humane Society and other shelters, the bigger mixed breed dogs take longer to find a forever home. These dogs may have great personalities, but people are more reluctant to adopt them instead of a cat or a small dog. This reluctance led to a North America-wide campaign called “Adopt-A-Mutt-Day” to encourage adoption of mixed breed dogs from shelters.

If you are reading this column, you are obviously on the Morinville Vet Clinic website. Take a few minutes to look at the pets that need a home. Even if you do not have a place for one of them, perhaps you know someone who does. We have found owners everywhere from Fort McMurray and Westlock to the north all the way south to Edmonton. There are good homes all over! Maybe, you could be next. Drop by Morinville Vet Clinic and meet your next new friend.


Written by Morinville Veterinary Clinic