Finding the Right Veterinarian

Finding the right veterinarian for you may be like finding a restaurant that is right for you. You can have a general feeling, but you may need to go a few times to really know. Also, the right vet may not be right for all situations.
The staff at Morinville Vet Clinic understand this. The vets at the clinic have many years of experience, and each has their own style of providing great care. When you come to our hospital, you should find a doctor that understands what is important to you. This is also reflected in the practice staff.

The right veterinarian is different for each person. You may have certain ideas about what a veterinarian is expected to do, and what things you will not accept. There should be certain “must-haves” that you should look out for.

The first on the “must-have” list is that the right veterinarian understands what your pet means to you, and reflects that in what is recommended for care. For some people, their pet is a part of their family, or even their only family, and they would provide whatever the pet needs. For others, their pet is a companion, but not the highest priority. These people would provide what they see as “reasonable”. The first group of people would feel a vet does not care about their pet if only the bare minimum is offered. The second group would feel that the vet was unrealistic if they were presented with a care plan on the level that human patients are given. Neither group is wrong; they are just not with the right veterinarian.

Next on the “must-haves” are staff and facilities. That is not difficult to find in Morinville. Our hospital is second to none. We have a well-equipped facility that is open seven days a week. If your pet needs something we do not have, our doctors can refer you to a specialist quickly.

The last “must-have” on the list is attitude. This is hard to define, except to say you know when the person relates to you. Dr High can relate to this: “Personally, I have had clients tell me I was telling them more than they wanted to know, and others say I was not explaining enough. I have been told I am too serious. I have been told I am not serious enough. What I have learned is that, as a vet, you cannot be anything but yourself. Your attitude shows through.” When choosing the right veterinarian, choose one who has an attitude that makes you feel you can get the answers you need, without feeling overloaded with information that you do not need.
After giving all these guidelines, it all comes down to this: veterinary care is a service. If you are not getting the service you expect, tell the vet and explain what you expect. You are sure to find the right vet at MVC.