Some Pet Owner New Years Resolution Ideas!

A Vet Tech’s Wish List for 2015

  1. Dogs that know how to do a sit-stay for blood collection – it is no easy feat to hit a vein on a jumping, twirling, barking canine!

  1. Cats and Dogs that don’t mind having their feet touched for nail trims. I’m sure some cats believe we are amputating their toes instead of trimming their nails.
  2. Dogs that don’t mind being hugged & held for all kinds of procedures like anal gland expression – for everyone’s benefit!
    1. Pet owners who regularly look in their dog’s or cat’s ears, so when we do it they don’t think we are stealing their soul and completely freak out.And most desired of all,


  1. That all our beautiful strays will find forever homes!

Written by Morinville Veterinary Clinic