Bringing Home A New Puppy

So, one of the new additions to your home is a puppy? Are you ready for this? Hopefully, you did lots of research and preparation, in order to know what is coming and how to deal with it. The staff at Morinville Vet Clinic will frequently see clients who have just gotten a new puppy, and yet know only a small amount about what to expect. In the first few visits (puppies get monthly booster shots between 8 and 16 weeks), we do a lot of coaching and giving advice. Not only is this helping to make the pup a better pet for you, it also helps to make a better patient for us.

Puppies start small, but they grow fast! An eight week old dog that you can hold in your hand has the potential to grow in two years to a beast that can be ridden like a pony. In addition, if you have one of these giants, count on it eating a gallon of food a day as an adult. That does not mean every puppy will grow like this. If you know what breed the puppy is, you can find an average adult weight for that breed. If you do not know what breed it is, it is a good estimation to look at the size of the mother. Most puppies do not get much bigger than their mother.

Another point to remember about puppies is that they are babies. Everything is new to them. They are not born knowing when and where to go to the bathroom. They need their owners to show them what they are expected to do. Many things that they see in their new homes are being experienced for the first time. They rely on their owners to show them how to react to the world around them. The first few months of their life sets them up for what to expect for the rest of their life. The staff at Morinville Vet would be happy to give you tips on training your new puppy, or direct you to a trainer for more detailed lessons.

A new puppy may be a lot of work for the first few months, but time invested in your puppy will be repayed many times over with a lifetime of happiness with your dog.


Written by Morinville Veterinary Clinic