Say Hello To Our ACA’s

When you come to Morinville Vet Clinic, you are almost certain to meet one of our wonderful receptionists at the front desk. If you are bringing in your pet for an appointment, you will deal with at least one of our knowledgeable vets. Often, when your pets go home from a procedure, you will receive instructions from one of our friendly Animal Health Technologists. You probably feel that you have met all the staff of the clinic,but you would be wrong. You have yet to meet our Animal Care Assistants, the glue that holds the clinic together.

On any given day, there is at least one Animal Care Assistant working in the back of the hospital. They are doing all the jobs that are necessary to keep the clinic functioning as an efficient unit. How they do that is explained in their job title.

The “Animal” portion is looking after all the animals that come into the clinic, and Morinville Vet Clinic sees a lot of animals. They have to be walked, fed and watered, have their bedding changed, as well as be comforted, brushed and played with. All of this usually is done by an ACA.
The “Care” portion is all the jobs that need doing for the building to function as a hospital. There is an incredible mountain of towels and bedding to be washed and folded every day. Most of it is much grimier than what you wash at home (at least I hope so). Sick animals come to the hospital every day, so most rooms have to be cleaned to extremely high standards multiple times in the day. All the surgical equipment, after use, has to be cleaned, organized, packed up and sterilized to be ready for its next use.

The “Assistant” portion is helping out other staff with their jobs. Many jobs of technologists, such as collecting blood sample and preparing animals for surgery, are much easier with an extra pair of hands holding the pet. Then clinic receives deliveries of food and medicine that has to be unpacked and put where it is needed.

All of these tasks are done, day-in and day-out, by our amazing team of ACA’s. They truly keep the hospital running smoothly. For that, they have our thanks.