What Causes Periodontal Disease in Dogs and Cats?

We all realize the importance of our own dental routines to prevent the occurrence of dental disease within ourselves, dental care for our pets is equally important. Dental disease or periodontal disease is the most widespread disease associated 80% of dogs and 70% of cats.

Periodontal disease starts with the buildup of plaque (a colourless film that contains bacteria) on the tooth’s surface. If the plaque is not removed or brushed away then it can create an infection that will destroy your animal’s gums and the tissue as well as the bone holding the teeth in place. And when left over longer periods of time the plaque then turns into a hard yellow or brown build up called tartar.

It can lead to irritated gums, painful dental infections, tooth loss and can cause bacteria to travel through the bloodstream and compromise vital organs. Fortunately, with a proper dental routine designed for our pets periodontal disease, in most cases is preventable.

Call today and book a dental exam with one of our technicians. They will check out your furry friend’s teeth, recommend a dental program that suits your pet’s needs, answer any questions you have, give you a demonstration on brushing and if necessary and discuss getting your pet’s teeth cleaned.

Written by Morinville Veterinary Clinic