MVC is famous: Kittens, Kittens, Kittens!

Everybody loves kittens right?  A local film production company and Telus TV seem to think so and are in production of a one hour KittenTV spectacular that is set to become the rival of the ever-famous fireplace TV!

When Marjorie Hervey from the Hervey Foundation approached us about having Open Sky Pictures visit the clinic and film some of our kittens at play we never expected it to become such a major undertaking! The fine folks at Open Sky even had special sets built to scale to accommodate our little ones. There is a maze, a hot air balloon and a town complete with the white picket fences! Graham Neil from CTV News was even visited the clinic to check out all the hoopla:

Find the adorable clip online HERE.

We are currently almost at capacity with cats and kittens and would really love to find all these cutie-pies homes before the snow flies! Feel free to call or come on down to the clinic and check out the adorable adoptables… a feline friend would certainly be a welcome addition to your lap over the cold Alberta winter nights!



Written by Morinville Veterinary Clinic