Learning Never Stops

I recently attending a week in Las Vegas at the Western Veterinary Conference, one of the largest annual gatherings of vets in the world. There were more than 6,000 veterinarians and 4,000 technicians from more than 50 countries, all attending sessions taught by veterinarians who are experts in their fields. Every hour, I would be in a room filled with hundreds of vets. At the front of the room would be a veterinarian giving a presentation about the latest developments in veterinary medicine. While I was in one room, there were 20 other similar rooms, each with a presentation on a ground-breaking topic.

While I can tell you that I was honoured and inspired to attend such an amazing meeting, it is important to point out that continuing to learn is a crucial part of being a veterinarian. I have been a vet for more than twenty-five years, and have never stopped learning new information and new techniques. Many of the things that I learned this week could not even be imagined when I graduated from vet school.

Just as in all provinces, it is a requirement for vets in Alberta to perform continuing education every year. The provincial association recognizes that it is crucial for vets and technicians to remain current with new developments in veterinary medicine. In order to offer our patients the highest quality of care, we must learn about what is possible and practical. Like all the veterinarians and technicians at Morinville Vet Clinic, I do not attend continuing education because it is a requirement for licensing. I do it because I want to be able to offer our clients and their pets the best care possible.

The information that I have gained at this conference is very valuable and helpful. I will be bringing back this information to share with my colleagues at the clinic. The techniques, information and equipment that I have learned about will help Morinville Vet Clinic improve on the outstanding care that we already provide. It is part of our commitment to provide top quality medicine every day.


Written by Dr. Michael High