Focus on Senior Pets in Morinville!

In the months of October and November, the doctors and staff at Morinville Vet Clinic are putting special emphasis on the care of senior pets. This emphasis will include recommending exams and lab work that that may detect the early signs of disease in elderly pets, an educational evening for owners of senior animals, as well as displays to highlight information about the health of senior pets.

We are hoping for a really good turnout for our information night on the evening of Wednesday, October 22. Dr. Michael High will give a presentation on the care of a senior pet, followed by an opportunity to have questions answered. Of course, refreshments will be served, so please come with your tummy ready to be filled and your head already full of questions.

The veterinarians at the Morinville clinic see a large number of pets that are more than seven years, the age at which many pets are considered as “senior”. This number continues to only go up, as improvements in nutrition, testing and treatment keep being discovered. Many of these discoveries come from using the information on the health of older people, but some of the research is on conditions specific for dogs and cats.

One of the main reasons that we see so many older animals is that better medical care has allowed them to live longer. Diseases and injuries that used to be fatal now can be treated. In addition to more treatments being available, more pets get treated because they are seen as “part of the family”. Having a pet is seen as carrying the responsibility of providing for better medical care than in the past. Most senior pets commonly have a blood test while still fairly healthy, rather than waiting until they are extremely ill. This brings the benefit of catching the early signs of disease, while it is still at a treatable stage.

The older pets that we see, whether from Morinville, St Albert or Edmonton, are often very cherished members of the household. Their story is completely interwoven with the story of their family. We know their owners want what is best for them.

If you have an older pet or are just interested in older animals, we invite you to come to our information evening on October 22. If you would like to come, phone our office for details.

Written by Morinville Veterinary Clinic