Does a Doggie Dental Hurt?

Pain control in animal dentistry.

Almost everyone over the age of twenty five knows somebody who has had their wisdom teeth out and they can certify that it is genuinely painful. Even having a cavity can be painful when you drink something really cold. That is because every single tooth has its own nerve. Cracking, breaking or pulling out a tooth hurts a lot.

The same thing is true for your pets. When you bring your dog or cat to Morinville Vet Clinic for dentistry, you can know that the staff will do everything they can to make the procedure as pain-free as possible.

Before your pet even starts the dental cleaning, the vets and technicians examine the mouth to look for problem areas. This helps us to make an appropriate plan for the most pain-free procedure. The pet is given a sedative that contains pain medication before receiving anesthetic.

For many dogs and cats that our we treat for dental issues, the worst problem is exposed, infected tooth roots. Once the roots are visible, the tooth is vulnerable to bacterial infection. It is a sad fact that once it gets to this stage these exposed teeth have to be removed. Even sadder, most of these teeth still have a sensitive nerve inside them. That is why freezing is injected into the nerve that supplies the area where the rotten tooth is. This is very similar to the procedure your own dentist uses when working on your teeth. Once the nerve is frozen, the tooth can be extracted.

After the freezing and the sedation wears off, your pet would likely have a sore mouth. That is why all pets that have extensive dental work at Morinville Vet go home with pain medication for the next few days. An important factor in our dedication to dental care is a commitment to minimize pain while maximizing health.

Written by Morinville Veterinary Clinic