Cody Thompson

Kennel Attendant

Hi, I’m Cody!

After recently graduating high school, my passion for animals has lead me to the Morinville Veterinary Clinic! I joined the clinic in July 2019, and with my personal experience of growing up around all kinds of animals, I find it easy to provide care and companionship for the dogs and cats within the clinic.

Fun fact about me is that I currently have two dogs - a rescued Blue Heeler Lab X and a purebred Great Dane!

I recently had to say Goodye to our beloved dog. The staff were very compassionate and it was a…

Teresa Daw

The minute I walked into the building, I felt at ease and I could tell my anxious dog felt it…

Nathalie Delaney

I drive 45 minutes each way to come here. Staff is helpful, kind,and caring. The hours are also very accommodating.

Sheri Lang

Thank you very much for the upmost service when it came to the passing of our pet. The time that…

Ce G

My experience is always with the boarding staff. They truly go above and beyond to make my animals and the…

Kendra Verheul


A None Bias Opinion on Grain-Free Diets and Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dogs

Disclaimer: This blog is to not meant to bad talk anyone and/or any companies out there making/and or using grain-free diets.

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