Amanda Welch

Registered Veterinary Technician
Animals have always been a part of my life. It started out as animals with fur, then animals in the water, then animals with scales that loved the sun. Animals themselves have always fueled a love and understanding for their care. Challenges that I have faced in my life have never dampened that passion. It lead to me graduating from NAIT in 2012. As a Technologist, I have gained experiences in many areas of animal care, most recently at a wellness/surgery clinic, before coming here to Morinville, where I am seeing more medical cases and support for strays. Even though most of my experiences have been with cats and dogs, lizards like the Uromastyx/Saara will always hold a special interest for me.


A None Bias Opinion on Grain-Free Diets and Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dogs

Disclaimer: This blog is to not meant to bad talk anyone and/or any companies out there making/and or using grain-free diets.

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